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What animal are you according to your zodiac sign? 21/03 a 20/04; Taurus - 21 /04 a 20/05; Gemini - 21/05 a 20/06; Cancer - 21/06 a 20/07; Leo - 21/07 a 21/08 This fire sign undoubtedly represents a lynx, exotic and wild.

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The Sun ventures through this zodiac between February 18 and March 20, and today, the burning star is in conjunction with the Moon. Ms Goldsmith told Express. Perhaps even more interestingly, Pisces holds power over your feet, which should make you think about how you treat your body. Ms Goldsmith said this presents an opportunity to indulge in a foot-related treatment or aromatic baths to soothe the senses. At the same time the New Moon disappears from the skies, the planet Mercury is moving retrograde, or in reverse in relation to the other celestial bodies.

When this happens in the zodiac of Pisces, Ms Goldsmith warned misunderstandings are easy to come about. The other big astrological event to look out for is the transitions of Uranus into the zodiac of Taurus.

Types of Blue Moons Explained

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of awakening an extreme change, and the planet will remain in Taurus for the next seven years — a major shift of cosmic balance. This astrological transition is bound to have a profound effect on your personal life but also on a global scale. There are a few stories about the moon turning blue in the evening sky or appearing to turn blue as the result of an enormous wild fire in Canada in September, There is another similar story of the blue moon event occurring in the s due to volcanic smoke in the sky on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

From the sounds of it, there have been, on occasion, the appearance of blue moons from time to time.

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But the term seems to have been attached to a familiar and common event in only the last 30 years. It does not even involve the color blue. When we can view a Full Moon two times in one calendar month, then that is also referred to as a "blue moon.

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An even rarer event is when we have two calendrical blue moons in one calendar year. This unusual dual blue moon situation last occurred in Now that's not the first time it has occurred. It seems to occur about 19 years apart. But that time frame is not set in stone.

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I went back in time looking for other occurrences. The future years are , and But, as you can quickly ascertain, it is not like clockwork.

Now, we have to be realistic here. When it comes to the time of day and Full Moons, a lot depends on the "time zone" we are using when determining that event. If a Full Moon occurs on the first day of the month or on the last day of a month, there is the possibility that the occurrence will happen on the day before or day after based on a different time zone.

It is possible to have two full moons in any calendar month with the exception of February since there are normally only 28 days in that month, except during a leap year when there are 29 days in February. Unless I'm wrong and yes, that is conceivable I do not think it is possible for a second Full Moon to occur in the month of February.

If a blue moon were to occur in February, then that would truly be a "once in a blue moon" event!